As customer expectations continue to rise, and competition for market-share becomes more and more cut-throat, how effective your organisation tailors its services to the customer will become a key differentiator.

The value of Service Design is undeniable. Organisations classed as Design-led have reaped a 228% higher ROI than the S&P 500 index. Organisations across the globe are finding that investing in understanding and improving their customer’s holistic experience is guaranteed to bring significant benefit.

In this exciting climate, I am pleased to present the Australian Service Design Summit. The Summit will be a forum for industry leaders to come together, network and discuss the key challenges and strategies in the Australian Service Design Industry, with specific reference to:

  • Better understanding your customer-base and their needs
  • Implementing customer insights effectively in your service design
  • Communicating the value of design to traditional stakeholders

By attending the Summit, not only will you network directly with some of the country’s key thought-leaders, but you will come away a significantly more confident and capable Service Design leader, with a greater ability to affect change and disruption within your organisation to boost your customer-centricity.

Why Attend?

Learn How to Improve Your Customer Research Methods to Develop More Accurate Insights

Examine Methods to Measure the Value of Human-Centred Design

6 sessions in improving stakeholder buy-in to design-based projects

4 workshops to improve your real-world design skills

Network directly with some of the country’s key thought-leaders in service design and UX

Who Should Attend?

Department Heads of the following:

  • Design Research
  • Design Strategy
  • Design Thinking
  • Service Design
  • Experience Design
  • Human Centred Design
  • User Centred Design
  • Innovation

From the following sectors and industries:

  • Banking, Finance, Superannuation and Insurance
  • Government
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Education
  • FMCG
  • Health